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  • Focused on alerting some of the most potentially profitable short-term opportunities in the U.S. stock and crypto markets that have the potential to increase 10% to 3,100+%*. Ideal for day traders, swing traders, or anyone who wants help finding potential opportunities in the market. Long term trades also alerted.
  • Bilo Selhi's TRACK RECORD (2014 to 2020) shows history of spectacular opportunities that subscribers may have profited from. HUNDREDS OF TESTIMONIALS
  • Opportunities are alerted for penny stocks, small caps, large caps, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Alerts are posted on Twitter which features email notifications. SMS text messaging is also available. Access Bilo Selhi's service on Twitter after you subscribe. No additional account needs to be created.
  • Approximately 10 to 16 trade alerts per month, plus select news alerts (1 to 5 per day) plus other watch list alerts are posted throughout the day give plenty of trade ideas and opportunities to focus on. Bilo Selhi filters through all the market noise and focuses on opportunities that have potential to make big moves.
  • How many 100+% winners do you find each year?  If you want help finding more, this service is for you. See the 100+% winners alerted this year
  • Access to the archive of trade alerts and watch alerts since 2014; an incredibly valuable resource to study and learn from. 


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Highlights of the week ending August 1, 2020:

EMAN up 38% after trade alert. 
BitcoinCash(BCH) up 34% after trade alert. 
WNDW down 33.5% after short sell trade alert. 
Ethereum(ETH) up 49% after watch alert. 
Bitcoin(BTC) up 1,848% after trade alert (October 2016). 
Zcash(ZEC) up 37% after watch alert.
CAPR up 72% after watch alert. 
SCKT down 26% after bearish watch alert. 
SGRP up 23% after watch alert. 
KODK up 181% after watch alert. 
PRTK up 15.5% after watch alert. 
MNK up 16.6% after watch alert. 
RGLS up 18.8% after watch alert. 
GDLC up 6.3% after watch alert. 
KNDI up 245% after watch alert. 
SOLO up 17% after watch alert. 
INO up 5.7% after trade alert.
CTSO down 15.6% after overbought alert.
GDLC up 88% after watch alert.
MARA up 47% after watch alert.

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