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  1. Bilo Selhi has an extensive verifiable track record. The first thing you need to do when evaluating an alert service is check if they prominently display a track record. Bilo Selhi has a track record prominently linked on every page. Not only does it show all the big winners and small winners, but more importantly, it shows all the losers and the volatile nature of the stocks.  The actual time-stamped original alert messages can be verified on Google+ and Twitter.  Many services do not display any track record on their website. That's a red flag and you MUST avoid any service that doesn't provide a track record.  It is worth repeating...  YOU MUST AVOID ANY ALERT SERVICE THAT DOESN'T PROVIDE A TRACK RECORD. 

    Instead of a track record, other services may try to seduce you with marketing hype such as pictures of cash, sports cars, and exotic vacation destinations. Anyone can copy pictures off the Internet. It's not difficult to take pictures of cash, or rent a sports car for a few hours or take a picture in a sports car at a car show. Even if the sports car is legitimately their own property, you don't know if they acquired it from wages at a previous job, inheritance, selling subscriptions, etc. Cheesy marketing tactics and slick-talking salesmen are not going to help you in the market. It has taken thousands of hours to produce the results in the Bilo Selhi track record. Other services simply can't produce a track record with any significant success and so they resort to marketing hype.  
  2. Bilo Selhi has hundreds of testimonials from real members. The testimonials can be verified directly on Twitter from the members own Twitter accounts. Other testimonials can be verified by the original messages posted on Google+ by using the 'Index of Alerts'. Bilo Selhi does not verify the results of any members trades. The member testimonials, tweets and comments represent their own opinions.   Other services often use their own private chat system where it's not possible to verify if the users or testimonials are real or not.
  3. Bilo Selhi's alerts continues throughout the day, unlike other services.  Some services like to boast that they are done trading within the first 1 or 2 hours. That may be good for them, but it's not going to help you find opportunities that come during the middle of the day, especially the breaking news that is released after-market hours.  Some of the biggest opportunities can be found when a company releases news after-hours when most of the market is not paying attention.
  4. Bilo Selhi targets big potential opportunities and doesn't waste time with opportunities with less than 10% potential for stocks, and 100+% targets for cryptos. Ideally, 30% to 100+% profit potential in the short term is the focus for stocks, but 10% to 30% is sometimes the only opportunities that can be found.  Bilo Selhi's personal success in the market achieving a 1,302% total return within 13 months (2013-2014) was not accomplished by scalping small trades, it was accomplished by focusing on stocks with big potential and holding long enough to realize big profits. Historical performance is not indicative of future results. There is no guarantee that any stock will move as expected, and some trades will result in big losses.
  5. Bilo Selhi is focused.  Other services will post numerous stocks or cryptos in one batch on a watch list with the hope that one of them takes off; this makes it more difficult to determine which stock or cryptos to trade. Other services may relay dozens or hundreds of news alerts to you with no regard to quality or relevance of the news.  Bilo Selhi takes a more focused approach and seeks to achieve a high level of quality and timing of information that can help make better decisions.  

    Select news alerts are posted based on Bilo Selhi's extensive experience in the market. The focus of the news alerts is based on which news can have the biggest impact on a stock or crypto AND which also offer a potentially good trading opportunity. This means, some news may be ignored if there does not seem to be a good trading opportunity available. An example would be if a $5 stock is bought out by another company for $10 per share, and the stock immediately jumps to $9.85 in pre-market. While the news is great for current shareholders, it doesn't provide a good trading opportunity and so that type of news would not be posted in Bilo Selhi's service unless there was a longer-term reason to get involved.

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