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Examples are from actual alert messages posted in the service. Charts are for reference purpose only and not included at the time of the alert message. 

News alerts:   A news alert does not include any opinion of buy or sell. It's simply news which Bilo Selhi expects a significant impact on the stock either positively or negatively.

Watch List alerts:  In the next example, RGSE, you can see the first message states "RGSE  red to green" which means the stock moved from negative to positive territory for the day.  Stocks that make strong intra-day moves from negative to positive territory are good to watch because they may provide a trading opportunity.

Watch list alerts are more numerous than news alerts or trade alerts. Watch list alerts may include such things as:

  • intra-day price/volume anomalies that could indicate the beginning of a larger move
  • multi-day price/volume anomalies
  • chart patterns
  • candlestick patterns
  • intra-day turning points
  • high (or low) of the day/week/month/etc.
  • Overbought/oversold conditions
  • noteworthy fundamentals
  • anything else which may be of interest

Trade alerts: In the RGSE example, the trade alert occurred the following day after the initial watch list alert (ie "RGSE red to green").  The trade alert included the ticker symbol  "RGSE" along with the price that Bilo Selhi bought it at.  Some trade alerts will include a target price, stop price, estimated hold time and reasons for the trade. That type of information may be posted with the trade alert or it may be posted later in the day/week as the trade progresses. Every trade is different.

Another example of a watch list alert is when Bilo Selhi finds a chart pattern that may potentially indicate a significant move.  In this example BNTC, a reliable pattern on the weekly chart coupled with intra-day price anomalies turned out to foretell of a big move the next day.  Of course, not all chart patterns will work as expected.

Notice that the trade alerts will always contain the word "ALERT".  If your email service or email application offers email filters and audio notifications, you could filter on the keyword "ALERT" so that your computer rings a bell or plays an audio notification.     

Bilo Selhi is not registered as a broker-dealer or investment adviser. Any stock alert or stock mentioned on the site or any emails or any communication from Bilo Selhi represents his own opinions and should not be relied upon for purposes of effecting securities transactions or other investing strategies, nor should they be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy any security, nor does it constitute investment advice. Stock and/or options trading and investing involves large risk and may result in 100% losses of capital. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. Read more DISCLAIMER. If you do not agree, then do not continue with the service.

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